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Balancing complexity

 On a personal level it means helping the client appreciate the links between their life and work; themselves and the organisation; and the broader social and strategic environment. From appreciating this complexity clients can understand what is within their locus of control, and appreciate broader social and political influences that are impacting on achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

Developing Self-awareness

 Embedded in the process is a focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and so on another level the process is connected to a deeper search for meaning. Clients often experience profound insights that lead to a new understanding of themselves and others. They begin to understand difference alongside an understanding of his/her own self. This leads to behaving in differing ways, and an understanding that behaviour influences those around them.

Develop your full potential

Clients are encouraged to explore the connection between their potential, their personal values and what they want to achieve at work, at home, and in other communities. This approach helps client’s to understand themselves in relation to a much broader context, and people learn to work smarter and not harder, and with a greater sense of self-integration, mindfulness and direction.  Clients come to feel that they are making a difference through being pro-active about their choices, and actions.

Being proactive leaders

 The pace of change in today’s business environment requires that every individual in distributed leadership across the organisation is able to make informed and speedy decisions that take into account the complexity of the environment within which they operate, no matter where they sit in the organisation.

Our coaching process

Our coaches utilise a variety of techniques in accordance with this philosophy to explore such complexity to help clients understand their link to the bigger picture. The coaching process aims to help a client appreciate the interdependent connections within a complex array of influences. Through developing an intimate knowledge of the wider business and social environment clients become to understand the difference they can make within their own sphere of influence, appreciate key relationships in their lives, and become more conscious and self-directed leaders.

Our Theoretical Approach

At GCA we work with the whole person.  Our coaching practice is informed by systems thinking; strategy; adult education and training; evidence-based psychology, and executive coaching training.

About us

The GCA coaching process acknowledges the whole person and therefore covers all areas that impact the client personally taking into account the broader business and social environment, day-to day work life and home life in order to achieve a better work/life integration.

GCA Coaching utilises a systems thinking approach to assist executives in generating and refining a learning attitude to their own strategic environment, while exploring their own sphere of influence and contribution to this bigger picture.

What we do in the world and the way we contribute to organisations is fundamentally a function of the way we view the world.

We provide experiential learning tools that promote self-awareness on both a cognitive and emotional level that is holistic and future-focused.

All managers and senior executives can benefit from executive coaching. Talented people are not automatically good leaders.

Geraldene is a senior executive coach who combines human insight with business foresight to help business leaders understand and develop their full potential.

Executive Coaching is a professional one-to-one relationship with the purpose of facilitating the improvement of work performance and well-being through the self-directed learning and personal growth of the client.

The coaching process encourages independence and self-directed learning and enables executives to determine their own solutions.


“Geraldene is the highest integrity person I have dealt with in business. Her approach, intelligence, empathy and focus is unparalleled and this has produced outstanding results for myself and others…

“My career and life before meeting Geraldene was great, but not the best it could be. She pushed me through boundaries I had put on myself that I was not even aware of, and gave me the confidence to pursue excellence, not just greatness…

“Geraldene can take a massive volume of raw material and thoughts (gleaned from highly perceptive questioning) and distil this into a clear set of trends and behavioural issues within one session…

“Geraldene has impeccable integrity, is highly professional and provides the tools to help you reap the rewards of executive coaching…

““She is a refreshingly skilful practitioner. Her energy is focused on professional needs, rather than a clinical paradigm…

“Geraldene Callanan is a superb management coach. She is empathic, insightful and brings a wealth of professional experience to her role…

“My experience with Geraldene Callanan as an executive coach has been an outstanding investment of time that has yielded fantastic results….

“At a time of uncertainty in my career it was great to get some candid and positive feedback…